(from Steven)

I feel so blessed to have met Kalina, she’s such a kindhearted soul who helped me through a very uncertain time. After a 20 month battle with cancer, my wife Chris went on to her next journey. I was blessed to have her as my soulmate for 36 years. I thought we had discussed every detail of how she wanted things to be after her death. The reality is we missed a few things. I needed answers to questions we had never thought of while she was still alive.

Kalina not only got me in touch with my recently deceased wife, it was a very emotionally uplifting and healing experience for me too. I miss my wife terribly but also have come to know that even though her earthly body is gone, her loving and beautiful soul is not. She’s still here watching over me, just vibrating on a different frequency. Kalina has the abilities to help us align to those frequencies. My questions were of a personal matter so I won’t discuss them, but I will say I received the answers I was seeking and so much more… I laughed and I cried and was graced to spend time once again with my wife. Bless you for all you do to help others.

May Your Light Shine LONG Sister Kalina!