Mediumship Readings

Mediumship is the art of communicating with Loved Ones who have crossed over to the other side. As a Medium, Kalina acts as a translator between you (the sitter) and your Loved One (the Spirit). Don’t underestimate the power of this communication to heal!

Most people just think of it as a reading, however, often an instantaneous healing takes place and much grief is released. This is Kalina’s primary purpose with Mediumship… the Healing that takes place between both you and your Loved One. And know that they enjoy and heal as much from this process as you do!

If you would like to book a Mediumship session, or for more information, please call Kalina at 630.244.8287 or click here to email me.


A private reading session is scheduled for one person. One additional person may attend the same session for no charge. Up to 2 more people (4 total) may attend with a charge of $55 each. However, ALL participants (sitters) must be either related or looking to connect with the same family only.

Mediumship is a personal conversation between Kalina, the Loved One in Spirit and the sitter. Kalina essentially places “the call” to the Individual Spirit with the hope that they “pick up the phone” to have the 3-way conversation. If the loved one you were hoping to connect with doesn’t come through, often another loved one will. It is important to remain open to the experience in the moment and trust that what happens is for your highest good at the time.

60 minute Mediumship Reading $ 299

Please read Mediumship General Information here to prepare yourself for the experience.