About Kalina Sofia

Kalina was born a natural Psychic Medium. As a child she used to hear her grandparents speaking to her when she was in bed at night. She would also often smell her grandmother’s perfume and hear the familiar rustling of her skirt, nylons and heels as she moved about the room.

Her grandmother seemed to always be there at night to comfort her on those particularly challenging days as a child. Whenever she shared these experiences with her parents, they eagerly listened, as if all this was normal. Her mother also saw spirits.

As she moved into her teen years, Kalina began to see spirits and parallel realities as well as have oneness experiences of expanding and becoming One with all that is. As her psychic abilities increased, it began to overwhelm her and with multiple spirit visits at night, it all became too much. Fortunately, Kalina’s father had an active interest in metaphysics, so he knew just what to do to help her.

He took her to see Rose Gladden, an internationally acclaimed healer, medium and clairvoyant on tour from England. In just a few minutes holding hands, Rose was able to balance out Kalina’s energies so that she no longer felt overwhelmed by all the psychic activities. Rose seemingly filled Kalina with Divine Light and Love to the point of near collapse with Divine Love.

During her 20’s and 30’s while raising her own children, Kalina’s psychic abilities faded into the background until she experienced a re-Awakening in 1999. She began to hear and see spirits again, stronger than ever. She also was gifted with hands-on healing abilities. Kalina sought out gifted teachers in these areas, to help her hone her natural abilities, some of which are Kathy Georgen, Kahuna Ho’okahi and Nancy Campoy. She was praised by Kahuna Ho’okahi as having uncommon and highly advanced vibrational energy and talent.

Since 2001, Kalina has very happily been working professionally and successfully as a Psychic Medium & Healer. She has helped thousands of people communicate with their loved ones who have crossed over.

For more information about any of my offerings, or if you have any questions please call Kalina at 630.244.8287 or click here to email me.